About Me

Firstly, thank you for visiting my website. I´m a landscape photographer based in Andalucía, Spain.

As a hard-working and enthusiastic photographer with a passion for nature and the landscape, if I'm not out shooting then I am most probably planning in detail my next photograph.

Born, raised and educated in London, I took the decision to relocate my young family to the warmer climes of Málaga, Southern Spain in 2001. Surrounded by the region's dramatically contrasting climatic conditions and diverse landscape, I began enhancing my skills as a photographer by focusing on, and developing what had been a long-term interest into a passion (or maybe even an obsession) for capturing nature and its topography. My former technical background allowed me to understand the complex elements of photographic equipment and technique with relative ease, while providing me with the opportunity to evolve my knowledge of composition, light and the natural elements. I currently shoot both on film and digital format cameras.

Working predominantly throughout Spain's Andalucía region, I love to chase the light in the endeavor of capturing that magical moment in which Nature's true beauty reveals itself. Whether it is sunrise or sunset, lake or sea, sky or earth, my objective is always to reproduce the essence of the moment, by conveying light, sound and texture as I experience it.

Our senses experience Nature in a very distinctive and multi-dimensional way. This detailed perception is extremely hard to capture and convey through a two-dimensional medium such as photography. This is the challenge that motivates me each time I pick up my camera.

An exclusive selection of photographs from my portfolio has been made available for purchase through The Print Shop. These prints are limited issues, numbered and hand signed. Each print, regardless of size, is an individually commissioned work on a per order basis and personally managed by me from end-to-end.

Every photograph is professionally giclée printed on 100% cotton Hahnemühle Fine Art Baryta photographic paper and at the very highest resolution available.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to visit and and I hope that you enjoy my work. You can keep up-to-date with new works as they are added to this portfolio by simply subscribing to my mailing list.

I also own and run Studio 66.es, a commercial image creation service available for Real Estate and Architectural Interior / Exterior design projects as well as for product advertising, merchandising, product placement and catalogue promotions. I deliver high-end product photography and professional image retouching services for the realization of creative concepts of single products or entire product lines. Studio 66 also provides ground up and cross-platform optimised website design solutions and long-term support services. To find out more, visit or click on the following web address: www.studio66.es