Focus On The Final Image

While photographs interested me from a young age, if I'm honest, I suspect the real reason for my earliest attraction to photography were the actual cameras and lenses. You see, I am confessing my guilt!  I was a gadget freak, a geek, a nerd even! Why? Well, shiny new technology, whether defined by form, function or even both, always held a certain magnetic allure and, as I was growing up, would consequently fuel my personal gear-envy.

So, where am I going with all this? What sparked my interest in cameras quickly subsided into the realisation that the art of photography itself takes precedence over all the shiny technical equipment.

One can own the best equipment but lack the technical know-how to maximise all the power harnessed within this expensive piece of kit. Likewise, a brilliant and artistic mind can be severely hindered without the technical skills or equipment necessary to realise the making of a beautiful photograph.

Technique is an essential element of a landscape photographer's skillset. Equipment is the tool by which the technical knowledge can be applied - but it is artistic pre-visualization and its interpretation that is as, or even, the most important element.

Equipment, technique and artistic visualization. The three are inextricably linked.  Each is an essential tool necessary to achieve the creative end-product. The photographic masterpiece cannot exist without all three elements working in unison to achieve the end result.

Ultimately, it is just the photograph itself that remains. The image is what matters. This is where your focus should be. No one really cares how you got there. The photograph tells the story, captures the moment, delivers the vision. So,  be sure to focus on the final image.