New Work - Galician Landscape Series

During the second half of August 2014 I was fortunate to travel with my family to the autonomous community of Galicia in the northwest of Spain. This was my first ever visit to this region and a welcome escape from the stifling heat of my home province of Andalucía. With cooler but very pleasant weather, we made the most of the opportunity to tour the provinces of A Coruña, Ourense, Lugo and Pontevedra, paying special attention to the rugged Atlantic coastal areas.

During winter and spring, Galicia's climate is considered oceanic with rainfall levels among the highest in Spain. This, together with the comparably cooler climes, results in a significant visual impact when you first enter the region. As is typical of the north's topography, there is a distinct lushness and vibrancy throughout the surrounding coastal and inland areas.

Galicia's coastal landscape is famous for its submerged valleys known as rías. These often penetrate inland for many kilometers and are divided into two main areas, the rías bajas (lower rías) located on the southwestern return of the Galician coast and the rías altas (upper rías) which run along the northern coastline.

The Galicians, like most Spaniards, are very proud of their region, traditions and culture. The level of hospitality and and friendliness we received was exceptional and made our stay all the more enjoyable. We also became big fans of Galician cuisine. Famed for their fresh sea produce, we enjoyed a wide variety of traditional local dishes prepared from fish, shellfish, octopus and peppers.

As this was a family trip, rather than a specific landscape shooting trip, I planned to keep my camera and equipment as low-key as possible so as not to impact on our vacation. This meant that staying in a beautiful location with huge sunset potential was not viable as we often had covered many kilometers during the day and would need to cover a similar amount to get back to our hotel. So, for a change, I just went with the flow and if an opportunity presented itself, then that was a bonus. I did however roll out of bed well before sunrise on a few occasions and head off to shoot a sunrise while the family slept in. My youngest daughter even made the effort to head out with me early one morning, an experience that we both really enjoyed.

What follows is some new work consisting of a short series of Galician Landscapes. High resolution versions of each photograph can also be seen within their respective Portfolio Gallery or currently in a slide-show on my New Projects page. Some are also available to purchase. For more details on prices and availability, please check out The Print Shop.

Once again, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and view my photographs. I sincerely hope that you enjoy viewing them as much as I did making them.